Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Hollow Earth

I was spending time with my Dad on Saturday and we spent most of the afternoon talking about our favourite things: Conspiracy Theories. This week's item: The Hollow Earth.
Not many people believe in the possibility of the Earth being hollow but after listening to (all parts of) this interview, it sounds likely. My Brazilian friend has told me about "Giants" making deals with miners in the mining regions of Brazil. She, personally, hasn't seen them herself but it's known throughout the country that there are several openings to the center of the Hollow Earth.
And you know History Channel and Travel Channel start showing episodes about aliens, conspiracies, ghosts and other things around Halloween but lately, they've become more frequent - which is great but a little strange at the same time. It furthers the idea that maybe there is to be a world-wide sighting / reveal of aliens to the human race. There was a show on the Travel Channel just the other day about that.
But upon mine and my Dad's search concerning the paranormal, we stuck with the Hollow Earth because it was the most haunting, probable, beautiful and strange thing to think of. And reading a few excerpts of Admiral Byrd's journal entries concerning his flight into the Hollow Earth via a passageway from the North Pole, it seems like it could happen. And it reminded me of an episode of UFO Hunters about Unidentified Submerged Objects. In that episode, they mentioned that maybe the USOs were coming through special openings from the center of the Earth - more "proof" concerning the Hollow Earth. Either way, it's an interesting topic to look into. And I highly recommend the Coast to Coast AM interview about the journey to the hollow Earth and the people who live there. It's really interesting.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Georgia Guidestones - Unanswered Questions

They have been known as America's Stonehenge. Nobody knows a whole lot about who commissioned the stones besides a pseudonym: R.C. Christian.
Who was this person?
Why were the stones erected?
Why is there no date to indicate when the time capsule should be opened?
Why are the languages: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian?
What will happen?
What does it mean?
Is it some kind of punishment for global warming?
Is it some sort of punishment for all the suffering in the world?
Is this current outbreak of Swine Flu the start of the population control idea?
Is the time capsule date 11:11pm December 21,2012?
What is this Climax Event?

Guidestone Text
1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.
10. Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.

Unexpected house guest last night

I had a very ET moment last night while I was trying to get some things ready for the morning.
I have this area in my computer room that's a little crowded with purses and fabrics piled up against my bookshelf. I haven't had a good moment to organize it, so it looks like a controlled mess. I was walking by it, looking for something and you know that scene in ET when he blends in with the pile of stuffed animals? It was like that, except with purses. I know I was staring at something in that pile that did NOT belong. I looked at it for a probably a minute - making sure I knew what I was looking at and then I slowly made my way to the bedroom where my BF was already watching "CSI:".
Right before I entered the bedroom, I felt 3 scratches on my back like someone was trying to get my attention. I turned around to an empty hallway. I let out a concerned mumble and after I explained to my BF about the scratches I felt, he looked at me funny and continued watching the show. I didn't tell him about the guest in the computer room, though. He would never believe that.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ouija Boards

I never did like them but Ouiuja Boards are a good source of paranormal fun. I always felt like there was something sinister about them and I experienced something quite scary one night when I was staying over at a friends' house.
It was 1992. We had moved in with a friend of my Mom's and this friend happened to have a teenage daughter. This teenager was really nice to us and treated me and my siblings as her own. I was enamored with her because she was older and way cooler, so I used to snoop around in her room for things that I could borrow to make myself as cool as she was. I was looking through her closet and found her Ouija Board.

I started asking what it was for and she told me it was used to contact the Spirit World. Now, me being 12 years old, I totally thought that it was the coolest thing ever! I told my friend about it and she asked me to bring it over one night. I never got any cautionary tales about it - all I got from my step-sister was, "Don't ask about bad spirits or demons". In my mind, I was like "Why would I want to do that?!"

So, I went to my friends' house on a Saturday night and brought the board. We waited until her parents were asleep before we busted it out. We set it up right, too. We had candles all around the living room, the lights were off, we cleared the coffee table off and made the board the highlight of the entire room.
We started asking the obvious questions:
  • Is there anybody here? (YES)
  • Are you alone? (NO)
  • Are you dead? (YES)
Then my friend asked: "Are you bad" - to which we got YES. Then all the candles blew out and the table started to shake. All I remember was that she thought I was moving it to make it say that but I had let go of the planchette quite some time before that. After that, I remembered throwing the board out the front door into the yard and sleeping with ALL of the lights on.
The next morning, we asked her Mom if she found something in the yard when she went to get the paper. She said she didn't see anything, so we took a look for ourselves and it was gone. I was a little upset because I would have to buy my step-sister another one since we trashed her original one. Oh well.

I went home, spooked but feeling okay. I went to my step-sister's room to tell her that I would have to get her another one but she was gone and her closet was open. I looked and the Ouija Board was in the same place I had gotten it from the night before.

I haven't touched an Ouija Board since then but recently, I've been entertaining the idea of getting one, cleansing it and trying it out with 2 other "open" people to see what happens.

And I also came across this: Turn your iPod into an Ouija Board. Seriously?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A night from 1997

When my family moved to Georgia in 1990, I had this friend whose house was haunted. My friend never saw what I saw and her mother never believed me. He brother did, though. He saw the same things as I did - which made me feel less crazy. But I didn't really trust him since he made me feel weird when we were the only 2 awake at night and I found out later that he used to watch me sleep when I spent the night (which was A LOT).
I wanted to share the story of when the brother - let's call him Jack, my cousin - let's call him John, and my sister - let's call her Nicole all had an encounter with this entity.
Here's a rough diagram of the living room and where we were all sitting (excuse my horrible photoshop skills):

It was around 2 or 3 in the morning and my friend had just gone to bed. We were the only 4 awake in the house. I don't remember what we were talking about but it didn't have anything to do with the ghost in the house or anything scary.

Since I was by the back door, I kept hearing noises. Things kept falling over and getting displaced. I asked Jack what it was and he said it was probably the moles that his mom had stirred after they had dug a hole for their koi pond. I brushed it off and tried to not let it bother me. But things kept falling against the house. Metal kept clanging onto the brick patio and against the outer walls. I jokingly offered to go outside and chase the moles away but we laughed it off. I looked to the back door instinctively and, to my horror, there was a white shadow with it's face and hands pressed up against the glass. I looked back at Jack. He was getting up off the couch saying, "I saw it too". Nicole and John had no idea what we were talking about and laughed at us. I jumped up towards Jack and advised Nicole and John to do the same.
We walked into the kitchen. The white figure was there, banging on the glass, rattling the window pane. It was a huge kitchen window that overlooked the backyard in its entirety. And there were NEVER any curtains on it. I remember my friends' mom telling me that the sunlight that came in was too pretty to cover up. So, here we were in the kitchen with only 4 panels of glass separating us from the ghost. John and Nicole both saw it now and were just as scared as Jack and me.
I don't remember why this was a good idea but we probably would have ended up hurting ourselves worse than anything but we did it anyway - we grabbed meat cleavers, a butcher knife, and a bunch of carving a paring knives - as if we could fight this spirit off with knives!
We decided to walk with our backs facing eachother and slowly make our way across the living room back to Jack's room when halfway thorough, the spirit was inside the house. It was lunging towards us, trying to swipe at any of us. We hurriedly made our way to Jack's room.
After we came in, John took the knives away from us while me and Nicole huddled in the corner of Jack's bed. The spirit was standing in the doorway - unable to come in. Jack asked me to make a rune curse but I had never experimented with that before. He told us the reason why the spirit couldn't enter his room was because he had placed a rune curse so that no spirits could enter. The one he was asking me to make was for the door. Why for the door? He closed his door and there was loud banging and scratching. Oh. We opened the door and watched the spirit pace back and forth in the doorway, trying to get in. There was no way we were getting to sleep like this.
Jack sat in the middle of his room, making the rune curse for the door while John, Nicole and I all huddled on the bed. Jack punched a hole in his door, placed the curse inside and closed the door. It was finally quiet. I asked him to make me a rune curse as well, to take with me everywhere. He told me it was probably my fault that this spirit wouldn't leave us alone. He said my light was so bright. Nicole and John laughed but realized that the situation was still very serious.
Then we heard scratching noises coming from Jack's bedroom window. Jack said it was probably an animal that got caught in the holly bushes. Apparently, that happened a lot. My bright idea was to check on the animal to see what was happening, so I pulled up the blinds and there was the spirit again. Scratching at the screen and pounding on the glass. Startled, we all jumped back and started yelling at the spirit to leave us alone but it wouldn't. Jack made another curse and slipped it between the blinds.
Finally, it was quiet again. We waited an hour, maybe more. I suggested we watch Sailor Moon (which came on at 7am at the time). Before we knew it, we passed out.

I don't speak to anyone who lives in that house anymore (we had a bit of a falling out). But before the falling out, Jack and I would talk about it all the time.
A few years ago, I asked John and Nicole if they remembered the incident and neither of them did. They thought I was making it up but I know for a fact that Nicole blanks out bad memories because there are a few memories that my family knows are true but Nicole doesn't remember them.

That was probably one of the scariest encounters I've ever had with any entity.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Parallel Universes

When I was younger I knew, with all my heart, that there was such a thing as a Parallel Universe. I just knew it. I used to think that there was someone somewhere outside of the Milky Way Galaxy that was exactly like me and that we were doing the same things at exactly the same times but in different galaxies. I came up with that idea after I was watching an episode of Nova. It was about space and our galaxy and how the cloudy formation that looked like clouds in the stars were, in fact, clouds of stars in an arm of our own Milky Way galaxy.

This fact excited me and scared me at the same time because it made our galaxy seem more real than it ever was to me at the time. And it was then that I realized that space was larger than we all thought.

I remember in 1999 I took a trip to Seaside, Florida with my ex-BF and one night we were on the roof, staring at the stars. Since there wasn't a whole lot of development on that side of Florida, we had a fairly clear view of the night sky. He asked me why a certain cloud cluster wasn't moving in the sky and I told him that that was an arm of our very own galaxy. He didn't believe me, of course, but I still thought it was a very beautiful moment in time because of the nature of the subject. I'm sure on a subconscious level, it made him feel like a grain of sand in our own universe. Maybe, maybe not. Either way, I know it made me feel significant and insignificant at the same time. And that's when I thought of my interdementional self. Was my "univeral twin" doing the same thing with the same "universal significant other" at the exact same time?

What if there wasn't just one "universal twin"? What if there's more? What if in every galaxy, there was a planet just like Earth? Would there be humans or higher beings? Would the Earths be where we are now or more advanced or more primitive? What if these Earths were at different stages of civilizations? Like, one Earth was in the year 1860, another was in the year 2285? Then, what would happen to our perception of time?

I'm not a mathematical genius or a physicist or a scientist or an astronomer (although, I've always wanted to be one) so I can't properly explain the properties of our known universe and time and space and all that BUT - I know that deep down, space and time are illusions. I know I'm not the only non-genius to realize that. How can your accurately measure space? Like, Outer Space? Those measurements - nanometres, light years - we, as normal humans, can barely grasp those concepts because we haven't seen it properly measured out. It's hard to visualize something so small or so large. Well, for me anyways. The closest I ever got was calculating the distance of the closest galaxy: the Andromeda Galaxy using basic math with my 10th grade Science teacher. It took 8-10 pieces of paper, front and back. I don't remember the calculation but that's when I knew I didn't have the math skills to be a proper astronomer!
It did, however, put things into a better perspective for me. But I still find it hard to visualize light years. I just know that 2.5 million light years away and farther, I have galactic "twins" and maybe we're doing the same things right now OR maybe there are some that are doing the opposite of what we're doing right now...
Like maybe there are Bizarro Universes out there...